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    • Desempeño de la microempresa familiar en el Perú 

      Yamada Fukusaki, Gustavo (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2009-01)
      Two out of every three jobs in Peru are generated in the self-employment and household microenterprises. This study uses the «Self-employment Income» module in non-agricultural household enterprises in the Peruvian National ...
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    • Huelgas en el Perú: determinantes económicos e institucionales 

      Yamada Fukusaki, Gustavo; Salgado, Edgar (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2005)
      The paper illustrates the pro-cyclical behavior of strikes in the Peruvian private sector with the number of strikes rising with economic growth and falling in periods when the economy is in recession. In the first scenario, ...
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    • Mayor acceso con menor calidad en la educación superior: algunas evidencias desde las habilidades de los estudiantes 

      Yamada Fukusaki, Gustavo; Castro, Juan Francisco; Bacigalupo Vargas, José Luis; Velarde, Luciana (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2013-01)
      In the last decade, access to higher education in Peru has increased substantially. On the other hand, the proportion of children and adolescents with adequate knowledge to their grade, reflected in learning tests, remains ...
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    • Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio: ¿se puede reducir el hambre a la mitad en el Perú? 

      Yamada Fukusaki, Gustavo; Basombrío, Leda (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2008-01)
      This paper assesses the feasibility of Peru achieving the first MDG with respect to the eradication of hunger: specifically, halving the deficit of calorie intake by the population of Peru. To evaluate this possibility, a ...
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    • Pobreza y empleo en el Perú: los aportes de las ENNIV 1985-1994 

      Yamada Fukusaki, Gustavo (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 1995-07)
      The author analyzes tire contributions of the four National Living Standards Surveys (ENNIV) to the political, economic and social policy research and design in Peru over the last decade. He also lists the principal lines ...
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    • Salarios mínimos en el Perú. ¿Cuándo dejaron de ser importantes? 

      Yamada Fukusaki, Gustavo; Bazán, Ernesto (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 1994-07)
      This paper studies the minimum wages' impact in the Peruvian economy through causality tests with time series available. It finds that minimum wages have lost all importance in the labor market both in a "populist" government ...
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