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    • De la apatía a la vigilancia: la política del desarrollo energético en el Perú 

      Wise, Carol (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2005)
      The Peruvian government's lack of commitment in promoting the development of energy projects between 1935 and 1990 resulted in budget deficits and a scarcity of priva te investment in that sector. In the 1990s, this situation ...
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    • Tratados de libre comercio al estilo chino: los TLC Chile-China y Perú-China 

      Wise, Carol (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2012)
      Chinese-style FTAs in South America have proved to be unique in three respects: first, due to China’s continued classification as a non-market developing economy at the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Chile-China and ...
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