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    • La convención sobre diversidad biológica: una perspectiva de economía política 

      Miller, Frank G. (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 1997-01)
      This paper attempts to assess some of the economic implications of the Convention of Biological Diversity. After outlining the main principles and the scope of the Convention, the following aspects are being addressed: the ...
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    • El protocolo de bioseguridad y sus consecuencias socioeconómicas 

      Müller, Frank G. (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2002-01)
      Biotechnology (BT) is a major source of numerous socio-economic and ecological changes and consequences as we are entering the 21st century. The public is almost daily confronted with conflicting stories that encompass the ...
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