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    • Acceso a antirretrovirales: efectos de la protección a la propiedad intelectual 

      Seinfeld, Janice; Cai, Daolu (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2009-07)
      Developing countries have been, in most cases, sceptical about the implementation of intellectual property protection (IPP) with the premise that this policy will hurt the coverage of medicines because the price of the ...
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    • Fuentes y componentes del crecimiento de la economía peruana, 1950-1990 

      Seinfeld, Janice (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 1995-07)
      Owing to the impossibility of explaining the abrupt changes in the Peruvian economy, especially since 1968, using traditional variables (physical capital and workforce), this piece attempts to do so by applying fresh ones ...
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    • Identificando estrategias efectivas para combatir la desnutrición infantil en el Perú 

      Beltrán B., Arlette; Seinfeld, Janice (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2011-07)
      In Peru one out of four children suffers chronic malnutrition and inequalities among different income quintiles are significant. The consequences of this situation are alarming: limits future capacities and productivity, ...
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