• Costos de transacción generados en el proceso presupuestario en el Perú 

      Alvarado Pérez, Betty M. (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2008-07)
      This article presents some of the results obtained from the analysis performed to the health sector budget. The study focused the analysis in the city of Lima. The methodology not only looks for a discussion of resource ...
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    • La demanda de salud infantil en el Perú: un análisis teórico y empírico 

      Cortez, Rafael (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 1995-07)
      The author delves into the factors influencing health services demand. An empirical analysis was conducted based on regression models with dichotomous variables on a sample group of 4,540 children. The main questions the ...
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    • Mejoramiento del desempeño laboral de los trabajadores del sector salud: el caso de Nicaragua 

      Cortez, Rafael; García, Ariadna (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2011-07)
      Ensuring adequate numbers of skilled and motivated health professionals is a serious policy issue in many developing and transitional countries. While quantitative data about workers migration and absenteeism is often ...
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    • Un nuevo marco conceptual para la economía de la salud 

      Parodi Trece, Carlos (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 1996-01)
      Designing adequate social policy involves “bearing in mind“ a theoretical reference framework that enables it to work in practice. The aim of this article is to air a number of ideas on the subject, with an emphasis on the ...
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    • El proceso de creación de la Organización Mundial de la Salud y la Guerra Fría 

      Cueto, Marcos; Brown, Theodore; Fee, Elizabeth (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2011-07)
      This article studies the political and medical processes in which the World Health Organization emerged and was formally created in 1948 as the main multilateral agency in health linked to the recently created United ...
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    • Retornos en salud de la población adulta mayor 

      Cortez, Rafael; Zavala L., José (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2002)
      The oldest people is described as one of the most vulnerable population groups in the country. They require special public attention since there is a weak protection to risks and external changes. The demographic transition ...
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    • La salud pública se da a conocer: publicaciones sanitarias del Estado argentino, 1946-1950 

      Ramacciotti, Karina Inés (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2011-07)
      The objective of this article is to analize the Argentinian’s Archivos de la Secretaría de Salud Pública (Archives of the Secretary of Public Health) between 1946 and 1950. The interest for this magazine lies in the ...
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    • Salud y derechos sexuales y reproductivos de las mujeres asháninkas del río Ene 

      Cavero Mogollón, Giovanna (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2002-01)
      The epidemic profile in our country shows a series of problems that affect mainly the health of women and that in most cases is a consequence of gender inequity and poverty. This together with a loss of their right to their ...
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