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    • Cyclical effects of credit conditions in a small open economy: the case of Peru (Capítulo) 

      Ortiz, Marco (Universidad del Pacífico, 2016-04)
      In this chapter we extend a new Keynesian open economy model to include a housing market and credit constraints in line with Iacoviello (2005). This setup allows us to study the effect of changes in credit conditions, ...
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    • De-dollarization and financial robustness (Capítulo)  

      Gondo Mory, Rocío; Orrego Peche, Fabrizio (Universidad del Pacífico, 2016-04)
      We evaluate the implications of financial de-dollarization on the strength of balance sheet effects in a small open economy following an unanticipated shock to the foreign risk-free interest rate. In particular, we extend ...
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