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  • Dynamics between competitive strategies, resources and capabilities and performance of exporting companies in Latin America 

    Heredia, Jorge (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2016)
    This study tries to examinate the coalignment perspective interelationship among competitive strategies (differentiation and cost-leadership), resources and capabilities, and export performance with primary data collected ...
  • Alternative setup for estimating reliable frequency values in a ripple tank 

    Luna, Ana; Núñez del Prado, Miguel; Luján, José; Mantilla García, Luis; Malca, Daniel (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2017-01)
    In this paper, we introduce an innovative, low-cost and easy experimental setup to be used in a traditional ripple tank when a frequency generator is unavailable. This configuration was carried out by undergraduate students. ...
  • DAZIO: detecting activity zones based on input/output call and SMS activity 

    Núñez del Prado, Miguel; Luna, Ana; Gauthier, Romain (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2016)
    Mobile telecoms operators possess an enormous quantity of data, which could be used to reduce the cost of installing new infrastructure, to provide a better QoS or to plan their infrastructure. Thus, they are concerned to ...
  • Toward a route detection method base on detail call records 

    Núñez del Prado, Miguel; Hendrikx, Hadrien (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2016)
    In the last years, smartphones have become the major device for communication enabling Telco operators to capture subscribers’ whereabouts. This location information allows computing eostatistics to study transportation ...
  • Measuring churner influence on pre-paid subscribers using fuzzy logic 

    Núñez del Prado, Miguel (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de InvestigaciónPerú, 2016)
    In the last decades, mobile phones have become the major medium for communication between humans. The site effect is the loss of subscribers. Consequently, Telecoms operators invest in developing algorithms for quantifying ...