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  • Information management as a determinant of success in knowledge management systems 

    Freitas, Vidalina de; Yáber, Guillermo (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018-12)
    Universities, to achieve success and stay competitive, must refine their processes by way of new methods and technologies to enable development and transfer the knowledge they create, utilizing valuable knowledge more ...
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  • Effects of innovation on the growth of Ecuadorian firms: a quantile analysis 

    Rodeiro-Pazos, David; Simbaña-Taipe, Luis Enrique; Rodríguez-Gulías, María Jesús; Fernández-López, Sara (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018-12)
    This paper analyzes the relationship between firms’ innovation and growth measured by sales and labor productivity in Ecuador. The literature on this topic has focused mainly on developed countries. We apply panel data ...
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  • Sociometric study of intragroup relations in a work group 

    García Vidal, Gelmar; Guzmán Vilar, Laritza; Pérez Campdesuñer, Reyner Francisco; Rivera Rivera, Betty Alexandra (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018-12)
    The aim of this study is to explore intragroup relations in retail. The article conduct a sociometric analysis that takes into account labor and affective criteria, using the probability theory method and the UCINET program. ...
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  • Open perseverance: the sensemaking narrative of startup entrepreneurs 

    Morente, Fran; Ferràs, Xavier (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018-12)
    The irruption of startups and entrepreneurs has transformed the economic landscape. Entrepreneurs propose innovative business models that must progressively respond to the viability triad, the complex and uncertain process ...
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  • Relationship between organizational culture and performance among German multinational companies in Mexico 

    Oberföll, Kathrin; Camarena Adame, Maria Elena; Saavedra García, Maria Luisa (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018-12)
    The objective of this research is to determine if there is a relationship between organizational culture and organizational performance in German multinational companies operating in Mexico. To this end, we use a multiple ...
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  • The pursuit of external knowledge in eco-innovation : analysis of the agri-food sector in Spain 

    Avellaneda Rivera, Laura M.; González Moreno, Ángela; Sáez Martínez, Francisco J. (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018)
    The research about the search for opportunities through open cooperation strategies points to an exchange of knowledge among a certain number of sources, aimed at sustaining competitive advantage. From this new vision ...
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  • How does cultural norms influence entrepreneurial intention? : a cross cultural study 

    Sánchez García, José Carlos; Ward Mayens, Alexander; Vargas Morúa, Gioconda; Flórez Daza, Jenny Linette; Hernández Sánchez, Brizeida (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018)
    Entrepreneurial Intention is commonly attributed to the interaction of cultural values and attitude; however, cultural values vary according to the context in which they are developed. The following study intends to show ...
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  • Worker cooperatives and their entrepreneurial process : theoretical foundations and empirical evidence from the worker cooperatives established in the Valencian Community, 2008-2014 

    Monreal Garrido, Manuel (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018)
    The context of worker cooperatives is significantly different from that of traditional firms, and so the study of entrepreneurship also differs considerably. The analysis of the creation of worker cooperatives requires ...
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  • Value co-creation in ecotourism : finding solutions in a digital era 

    Hernández-López, Laura; Barrio García, Salvador del (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018)
    This study aims to identify the main actors in the ecotourism online value co-creation ecosystem. With the ever-increasing demand to which the ecotourism sector has been subject in recent years, there is a need for business ...
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  • Competitive advantages as a complete mediator variable in strategic resources, dynamic capabilities and performance relations in the car sales sector 

    Navarro García, Antonio; Rey Moreno, Manuel; Pires de Lima, Pedro d’Alte Bártolo (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2018)
    Taking the resource-based view –RBV- and the dynamic capability view –DCV- as an orientation, the main aim of this study is to develop the mediator role that competitive advantages play in the relations between strategic ...
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  • Information overload and the internationalization process model: an implementation attempt 

    Tapia Moore, Ernesto (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    This article presents a theoretical equation set based on the information interactions that result in experiential learning. We attempt to link our equation set to the Uppsala Internationalization Process model in order ...
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  • Structure, effects and deficiencies of an entrepreneurial ecosystem: the Spanish case 

    Comeche Martínez, José Manuel; Pascual Ivars, José Vicente; Vivas López, Salvador (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    In this paper, we rely on the Spanish GEM Project to analyze the basic conditions that shape the profiles of the Spanish regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and to configure which aspects are given and which should be met ...
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  • Immediate and delayed effect of governance in entrepreneurship: an analysis by country income level 

    Rodríguez-Gulías, María Jesús; Gabriel, Vitor Manuel de Sousa; Rodeiro Pazos, David (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    Entrepreneurship and business creation is a priority area for many governments worldwide. Public administration can help to promote entrepreneurship through its decisions and the definition and implementation of public ...
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  • Entrepreneurial potential, realism and optimism as predictor variables of entrepreneurial intention: differences between Spain and Portugal 

    Sánchez García, José Carlos; Hernández Sánchez, Brizeida; Flórez, Jenny; Saraiva, Helena Isabel Barroso; Gabriel, Vitor Manuel de Sousa (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    In the psychological literature, intentions appear to be a good predictor of future planned behavior (Ajzen, 1991). This factor is directly associated with people's ability to create a business and self-employment as a ...
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  • Application of the Delphi method for the analysis of the factors determining social entrepreneurship 

    García-Uceda, Esperanza; Murillo Luna, Josefina Lucía; Asín, Jesús (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    This paper presents an exploratory analysis of the factors determining the choice of social entrepreneurship (SE) as a business model. Attention is focused on the motivations for choosing this entrepreneurship alternative ...
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  • International entrepreneurial orientation: the case of wineries participating in the Wines of Brazil Project 

    Tonial, Graciele; Rossetto, Carlos Ricardo (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    The objective of this study was to analyze the international entrepreneurial orientation (IEO) of wine companies that participated in the Wines of Brazil project. This is an exploratory and descriptive study with a qualitative ...
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  • Barriers to innovation and the innovative performance of Portuguese firms 

    Madeira, Maria José; Carvalho, João; Moreira, Jacinta Raquel Miguel; Duarte, Filipe Alexandre Pereira; São Pedro Filho, Flávio de (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2017)
    This paper aims to identify and analyze the main limiting factors of innovation performance in terms of product and process innovation. The limiting factors to innovation make the innovation process of a firm difficult, ...
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  • Un acercamiento al deporte y al fútbol como negocio y al funcionamiento, problemática y mejora del fútbol peruano 

    García, Emilio (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2011)
    El presente artículo trata de aproximarse al deporte, más específicamente al fútbol, como negocio y acercarse a su realidad, funcionamiento y problemática en el Perú. En esta línea, en primer lugar, se desarrolla un marco ...
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  • Estrategias de mujeres ejecutivas exitosas 

    Fuchs Ángeles, Rosa María (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2011)
    En Latinoamérica es aún muy limitado el porcentaje de mujeres que logra superar la línea media de las empresas y llegar a ocupar puestos de dirección. La búsqueda de igualdad de oportunidades para hombres y mujeres es una ...
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  • Motivaciones de los jóvenes emprendedores 

    Boggio Salazar, Alexis; Berrospi Castillo, Lorena (Universidad del Pacífico. Centro de Investigación, 2011)
    En la actualidad, tanto el emprendimiento como su gran impacto en el desarrollo de la sociedad son el foco de atención de un creciente campo de investigación, en particular de disciplinas como la economía, la psicología y ...
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